Using artificial intelligence to write a business plan

Food Entrepreneur TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — The Founders Playground, a management consulting firm, is launching the AI-Generated Business Plan Competition for food entrepreneurs, including caterers, restaurant owners, cottage food producers, bakers, and food truck operators.

Applicants must submit a business plan created with the assistance of an artificial intelligence tool. Applications may be submitted through Sept. 11 at Participants may win a monetary prize and gain insights and mentorship from industry experts, according to The Founders Playground. A winner will be selected on Sept. 18.

“Generative AI is here to stay, and businesses are already using it in exciting ways,” said Katherine Zobre, founder and chief executive officer of The Founders Playground. “We are committed to using AI to break down barriers for women and minority entrepreneurs — especially in the business planning phase. We want to celebrate and encourage food entrepreneurs to play around with AI tools to see how it can help them in the planning of their business.”

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