Sarah Rehkopf’s Fred & Faye

ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) – Feminine. Colorful. Classic. Cool.

Sarah Rehkopf wants you to feel good in Fred & Faye.

“I want whatever I have in my store for you to put on and to make you feel good. It’s mood boosting,” Rehkopf said.

An online boutique, Fred & Faye is run out of a Midland home.

“You should see my house!” Rehkopf laughed. “I think my husband is, like, ‘wait, what is happening?!’”

It has grown quickly, surpassing 1,000 sales in just under a year.

“I am the person who does everything from the purchasing to the marketing to the packing your orders to the delivering your orders to communicating with my customers on outfits that are right for them,” Rehkopf said. “So it’s just juggling all of those parts.”

A full-time mom and now, small business owner, Rehkopf has always loved fashion, but never thought it could be her career growing up in a small town. Ultimately, it was the birth of her son that gave Rehkopf the push to go all in.

“After I had my son I felt like I gained this sense of ‘just go for it.’ Life is so short. We only have so much time here.”

She wants other women to have the confidence to follow their dreams, too.

“That’s all you need is the passion and the drive to do it. So, yes you can! And I will support you!” Rehkopf said.

As for herself?

“I would be very proud of myself, I will say. I would be so, so proud of myself.”

You can follow Fred & Faye on Instagram @shopfredandfaye, online at, or in person at various pop-ups around Midland.